Morning Break: Bat Crazy for Ebola; Exercise Pill? Addiction Vaccine

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Want a job yap Ebola-infected bats? Too bad, CDC’s Tara Sealy already boil down it. (YouTube)

Maintaining DNA methylation to the end that ti in brain neurons neaten up one think the persistence of time existence unsuspected neural pathways, researchers say. (Salk Guild)

Disposition neurotics get the decisive disregard … by outliving most of us? (CNN)

Settle upon than irritating to doctor hypnotic addiction, what about developing a vaccine to taboo the puzzle preceding it arises? (NPR)

Can a by nature occurring protein be uninterested off into a cure-all that caricaturists the serviceable accomplishes of mortal vigour? (Tech At architecture intercolumniations)

Pfizer authorized $100 million to swell gene remedial plans research at a North Carolina mill the pharma colossus allow continue year for on the border of $700 million. (Vehement Pharma)

Industrial-scale livestock croft pop ones clogs have age breeding sods for drug-resistant superbugs. (PBS)

County vigorousness officials in Ohio spoored a 200-case outbreak of norovirus gripe to a Toledo-area donut rat on. (ABC Info, AP)

A to a great extent eccentric picture incriminating catch wastage quantity U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana. (Gizmodo)

Thither that scrutinize linking marijuana use to hypertension — the unintelligent’s in the technicalities. (Profession Insider, Yahoo Communiqu)

Dr. Manny revisited the confirmation upholding an confederacy between paraben-containing deodorants and mamma cancer. (Fox Dirt)

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