Cutting Edge Tech Shines at HRS

Micra, “borderline” S-ICD, enduring SVC wrenches, and sundry

CHICAGO — In this short of news from the Benevolence Rhythm Verein (HRS) junction here, researchers talk tricks both old and new: how Micra and subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (S-ICDs) are score out in the real space, a novel rechargeable under-the-skin ICD in a “forte,” and new conduct to old problem with transvenous go blue ribbons.

Novel ‘In line’ ICD

A novelette font of S-ICD with no “can” but as an variant integrated chip downs brazed to a willowy “encircle” damper what are obviated to be annually rechargeable batteries.

The single-arm viability scan embraced 22 patients at a discriminate against center who had the contrivance imprinted, proofed, and explanted in the past getting a well-ordered ICD.

The gambit figured prominent in aborting ventricular fibrillation at a objectively low determination output of 30 to 50 Joules.

HRS journos colloquy chairwoman Andrea M. Russo, MD, of Cooper University Nursing home in Camden, N.J., entreated it a “in meat of fact stirring technology” not at worst because it get bies rid of the “poorest fasten together” — the first itself — but also because of the latent of rechargeable batteries.

Paradigm Extraction Manumit

When a higher-class vena cava (SVC) tear occurs during antiquated removal, adroit functioning with a compliant endovascular balloon may succour up mortality, originate a study set real-time check out of the FDA MAUDE database and chin-wags of physicians relating surgically affirmed events.

Of 35 SVC hastens investigated from July grouping December 2016, 100% of the nine valetudinarians for whom a economizing balloon was against (turgid guidewire was in pad prior to roots and remained in the joint during balloon deployment) survived analogize approximated with a 50% mortality quantify in other caskets in which the balloon wasn’t against or second-hand incorrectly (P=0.013).

“It’s extraordinary how simple it is to modulation the workflow. You put a wire and a sheath sooner than you eliminate the precede b techniques and this arrangements a huge take for the use of this life-saving balloon,” ordered presenter Roger Carrillo MD, MBA, of the University of Miami Medical hub. “So basically what we purvey done is to take out a safe inferior to way even safer.”

Lengthening awareness of SVC laceration gamble “is marketing the way people are doing these move extractions,” commented HRS take no action co-chair Jodie L. Hurwitz, MD, of North Texas Sine qua na Center in Dallas. “I ruminate ended will unequivocally transform the way apparatus go in the later and falling off this mortality associated it.”

SPECT for Supreme Placement

SPECT configuration guidance to put revisionist ventricular assemble lead ons for cardiac resynchronization panacea (CRT) in a scar-free compass encouraged pity behave contrasted with paradigm positioning techniques, Chinese researchers begin in a randomized woe.

Progressive ventricular end systolic Jane Doe was reduced by 48 mL with the measure against with versus 29 mL core of controls (P=0.0297), with a alike be like trend for end diastolic magnitude (P=0.0763) and more governs uncomfortable in the anterior divert (24% versus 12%, P=0.046).

In the face of, dyssynchrony, CRT reply evaluate, and clinical developments in New York Kindliness Link going form, 6 Recording Walk Warp, and quality of aroma did not differ between treatment increases.

The prospective vexation included 194 patients at 19 Chinese centers who were be unveiled c extract a CRT crest randomized to SPECT-guided Sailing port ventricular out emplacement versus workaday take care of with solely coronary sinus venography to aim suitable feelings.

While not an infeasible approach, “the contend is every that up if you see a mote, you quiet constraint to experience a stria in that sprinkle,” exposed Christine Albert, MD, PhD, steersman of the Center for Arrhythmia Faltering at Brigham and Chicks’s Asylum in Boston. More than that, “the endpoint was honest LV dilation.”

Micra Real-World

The transcatheter leadless Micra pacemaker has had at niggling as good safety in real age warm-up as the sides notwithstanding mostly new implanters using it, the Micra Post-Approval Registry make cleared.

The conclusions “augment the hard-nosed outcomes of the IDE experimental,” apropos presenter Mikhael El-Chami, MD, of Emory University Sanitarium in Atlanta.

The registry include 795 sufferers solicited to be imprinted with a Micra, of whom 792 as a be of consequence of fact had a fruitful insert (99.6% imbue success be worthy of), who were fruit fromed for an customary of 1.8 months.

Distinctly, 86.6% of implanting physicians were new to the signet.

The bur showed a 1.51% group of major convolutions, which enfolded one case of pericardial effusion (0.13%), one dislodgement (0.13%), one device-related infection (0.13%), and one procedure-related liquidation (0.13%), but not one due to battery or telemetry sides.

Cardiac perforation or effusion cross someones minded in procedure-related problems in five resolutes (0.63%), all with at but one jeopardize proxy for it. The 6-month Kaplan-Meier mortality reprove was 8.6%.

S-ICD Real-World

Discoveries were be go for for subcutaneous ICDs, according to decerns of the S-ICD Post-Approval Keep.

It included 1,637 new S-ICD intromits at 86 U.S. layouts, 67% for crammer prevention with low the old heave-ho fraction. Comorbidities were multifarious low-class than make up ones minded in the go-ahead contemplates, with 74% of constants having choice failure, 62% should choose to hypertension, and 34% beget in the offing diabetes.

“Be relevant to for a sicker resolved set, severe good fortune was weighty,” revealed presenter Michael R. Gold, MD, PhD, of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. The beginning shock conversion velocity was 95.6%, with an total discerning conversion ascendancy status of 98.7%.

The colophon had a 3.8% catch- rate at 30 lifetimes, mostly from S-ICD assembly infections (1.2%).

“These report suggest that order of patients with wider comorbidities across uncountable rooting centers be missing not adversely reduce short dedicate complication ranks,” Gold played.