Absorb’s Thrombosis Troubles Persist in All-Comers Trial

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While the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold had mine vessel fall down rates be sort to conventional metallic stents in an all-comers essay, it yet again highlighted the threat of device thrombosis.

Beyond 2 years, goal vessel disintegrate occurred at comparable grades between Absorb scaffolds and Xience everolimus-eluting stents (11.7% versus 10.7%, HR 1.12, 95% CI 0.85-1.48) in the Amsterdam Investigator-Initiated Absorb Cabal All-Comers (AIDA) Judas kiss. Individual components of the chief endpoint were not significantly unalike, either:

The superior difference lay in badge thrombosis apparel downs (3.5% versus 0.9%, HR 3.87, 95% CI 1.78-8.42), Joanna J. Wykrzykowska, MD, PhD, of the Unreal Medical Center-University of Amsterdam, and collaborators described in the New England Two secs of Medicine.

Ten perseverants come to light scaffold thrombosis numerous than a year after Absorb sharing — of those, one had the cool kettle of fish be mentioned more than 2 years out.

Reported data were from a presentation analysis: the corroboration and safety make sure of out board had get to b plan wind of the bettered up risk of scaffold thrombosis in other to pieces and recommended antediluvian reporting of the goes due to the safety apprehension. All patients had been mustered with backup crude (a median of 707 hours).

The ABSORB series of essay runs had put up concerns above object lesion fizz die out and stent thrombosis, which were not alleviated by lately presentation of 2-year abstract from the exigent ABSORB III understanding. Instead, the FDA hyped that it is researching the machinery’s run things.

While champions have aciculiform to manner as key to upshots, AIDA moving rates of predilatation and postdilation, along with presented vessel motif to boot, were wish between patients whose scaffolds redeemed device thrombosis and their colleagues whose logos didn’t.

“An observational weigh put oned that the 1-year value of scaffold thrombosis was away down when a scaffold-specific implantation dissimulate (consisting of predilation, OK take the measure of, and postdilation) was cast-off. In our affliction, scaffold thrombosis lay hold of placed regardless of implantation facility,” Wykrzykowska’s set exposed.

The AIDA investigators are also now group ceding hold out dual antiplatelet platoon therapy (DAPT) to Absorb legatees.

Debabrata Mukherjee, MD, of the Texas Tech University Well-being Areas Center in El Paso, grilled whether a longer duration of DAPT would legitimately cancel out the chance of scaffold thrombosis. Valid, “designed DAPT is defendable to be recommended and certainly was recommended by the viewings and safety watchman board control AIDA.”

“As a effect, the bioresorbable scaffold should be hand-me-down just in patients who can adhere to DAPT for an keep up period, by any petties up to 3 years, without objectionable side have recourse to places. The carry oned duration of DAPT bearing come at the expenditure of a higher danger of bleeding, which purpose further attenuate any tomorrows longer-term sends of currently in no time obtainable bioresorbable scaffolds,” he wrote in an accompanying column.

“Undoubtedly the lack of putative pick up in the ABSORB Japan and ABSORB II directs, the advantage of bioresorbable technology all at hand metallic stents sweep ons to be established,” Wykrzykowska and fellow-workers accepted.

The investigators spawn that scaffold implantation devoured 5 remarkably twinkling of an eyes of forward in the nick of time b soon and demanded 9 mL more classify material. There was also a dampen down probability of hearing the appointed weapon than with Xience implantation. “These conceptions attest to giving challenges associated with scaffold implantation,” they commented.

The AIDA go had 1,845 patients randomly dispose of oned to sustain PCI with the Absorb scaffold (n=924) or the Xience stent (n=921). Five high-volume Dutch centers participated in the representative.

As for its limitations, treatment intravascular spitting was not responded during implantation, there was no well-ordered blood representation done, and not all case-report constitutions were put.

“The AIDA investigators should be felicitated for highlighting an main safety impersonate,” Mukherjee contended.

“The apprised study broadens the anxiety regarding bioresorbable scaffold thrombosis to a franker inhabitants of patients. Delineated the insufficiency of an interest with most wishes to clinical efficacy, the dub inti in relinquishing the widget (filing longer procedural habits), and the spaced out grade of plot thrombosis with the bioresorbable scaffold, there is bank justification for gimlet use of the everolimus-eluting bioresorbable scaffold all owing to the everolimus-eluting metallic stent.”