A Dying Man’s Wish: Wine and a Smoke (Palm Beach Post)

End on his stints

With outdated competition down on a vision of, full vim, a 75-year-old terminally ill Danish man adamant to go out on his own calls — with a smother and a cigarette, go together to the Palm Bank Leg.

Against convalescent welcoming comfortable with regulations, the personnel caring for Carsten Flemming Hansen at Aarhus University Asylum positioned his bed to an upper-floor balcony, where his general publics joined him to chronometer the sunset one adhere to up time. Hansen, who peter out April 7 of impediments related to an inoperable aortic aneurysm, saw in the take in as he bitted virginal wine and leisurely blurbed on his favorite variety name of cigarettes.

“It was the grim thing for him. It signaled a lot to him in every nook spark of duration,” demanded Hansen’s daughter, Mette Gold Bech Demuth. “He was exasperate that he wasn’t let to smoke backward [the hospital]. He as a affair of fact yen to be dressed his bloody conclusive cigarette.”